Allegiant Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


Title: Allegiant


Year: 2013 


Writer:Veronica Roth


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Spoilers are underlined

I must admit, out of the three books of this trilogy, this one was my least favourite. I just did not like the two points of view narration. I understand why it needed to be that way, but I still did not like it. I preferred the chapters when Tris was narrating more than the ones that Four’s was narrating. Also, in my mind if Veronica Roth knew the ending of the trilogy would be that, maybe she should have chosen third narration, so that she did not have to use  two different narrators.  I do not know, but that is how I felt. Other than that I enjoyed the book, it was easy to read, I just hoped that the ending would be different. As a person that writes I must admit, I do not understand how they do it. Kill off their main characters. Especially when they are nice and good characters like Tris. But, I guess that is a choice the writer makes. Nevertheless the book will kill you, need I say more. That was my failed attempt at a joke.


The trilogy as a whole was great to read, and quite easy to marathon. I have not read many trilogies simply because I usually read either stand alones or huge series with 15 books or something like that. But from the ones I have read I can say that this is by far one of my favourite trilogies yet. So, I definitely recommend that you pick it up if you are into post-apocalyptic books.


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