Maleficent Movie Review

Rating: 4/5 stars


Title: Maleficent


Year: 2014


Director: Robert Stromberg


Writer: Linda Woolverton and others


The movie Maleficent is a retelling of the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, and it views the movie from an entirely different perspective. Now, according to this version of the story there are two kingdoms, the kingdom of men and the kingdom of magical creatures and the two do not have the best relation. Maleficent, who in the original story was an evil fairy, is now a good fairy and we see her as she grows up to be a very strong and powerful protector of their land. But, her childhood friend, and a normal child, Stephan (I believe that is how his name is written), in his conquest to power and being the king, hurts Maleficent and cuts of her wings. After a few years, Stephan has his first child, the beautiful Aurora, and during her christening, she receives three blessings from the three good fairies and one curse from Maleficent. Now, this is where it gets weird, while Aurora is growing up she gets really close with Maleficent, who starts to love Aurora, and the joy that she brings to the world. But, one day Aurora finds out about the curse and she runs to her father’s castle, need I say more? As expected the curse is fulfilled and Aurora falls into a death like sleep. This is the part where the spoilers come in. You have been warned.

For the first time in history, Disney decides this, in the movie the princess won’t be kissed by the handsome prince who will come and save the day. She will be saved by Maleficent, who by kissing Aurora’s forehead, like many parents do to their children she will wake Aurora up, and when Maleficent gets into trouble, Aurora will help her. SO, no man saves the day in this version! The two kingdoms are reunited and everyone lived happily ever after. THE END.


I personally enjoyed the movie, although I found some things very silly. I mean, for example, how could the three fairies not notice that Aurora was missing all day, every day because she was with Maleficent? I mean, they weren’t the best protectors. But, that is unimportant as a whole I really enjoyed this movie, and I think it is a good retelling of the original story, one that matches the standards of the 21st century more. Women now, do not need the handsome prince and this story shows you that. I just hope enough little girls understand it.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this movie to everyone. If you have watched or are planning to watch it tell me what you thought of it.


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