The “public transportation” people

In the past few months I have been spending a lot of time in the metro or in busses, and I have noticed that there are different types, different categories, if you wish to call them that of people. Now, I am not judging anyone because I do all of this stuff that I am going to talk about. The means of this post is just to make an observation. So here it goes.


Firstly, we have the “listeners”. The “listeners” are those who have their headphones on blocking every other sound out. Usually, the “listeners” engage in other activities at the same time, and therefore they very often are parts of other groups as well.


Then we have the “phone-rs”, the people that are just looking at their phones throughout their whole journey, without necessarily doing something. This is the kind I understand the least, mainly because I never find something interesting by just looking at my phone or my facebook’s news feed. But, it is the 21st century society in which even when you are with your friends you look at your phone every 2-10 minutes, so when you are alone, I am sure it is normal that you are again looking at your phone.


Then, of course, there are the “readers”. People who whether they are standing or sitting, they will read a book, and many times that will even lead to them getting off in the wrong station. I am quilty of that. More than once. Especially when in combination with a book I have headphones on. It is just bad, I could end up in the other side of Athens.


Fourth category is the “thinkers”, the people who are just staring out the window, or into the unknown and get lost in their thoughts. Often times I find myself wondering what they might be thinking. I know that usually I make to do lists when I am just thinking. Or I might get ideas for what to post. Often times thinking leads to observing and observing leads to writing, and that lead to this post.

So I hope you enjoy it, and if you have noticed another category on the train, or bus, or metro, the please leave a comment below, I would really like to know.


Piece on Observation, Detective Writer.


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