The Wizard Of Oz Movie Review

Rating: 5/5 stars
Title: The Wizard Of Oz
Year: 1939
Director, Writer:

The story of young Dorothy who magically goes to the Land of Oz
This movie was one of my favourite movies while growing up. My favourite character was Hickory, in other words the tin man, who was searching for his heart. I do not know why, but I always find it so amazing, the whole idea of searching for your heart always fascinated me. Also, I love the music in this movie and the phrase “Follow the yellow brick road” while imitating the voice is a signature phrase for me. All of my friends have heard me say it countless times. Need I say more? This is movie is amazing and I always enjoy watching it, because it brings back so many good memories, and I am sure that it probably does the same for you. And might I close this post with another phrase from the movie I like, “Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?”


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