Where to write?

Recently I have been thinking about the perfect place to write. By place though, I do not mean location, I mean notebooks and journals, or my computer and a word document, or at times scrivener when I want to write an outline.  Throughout my life I have been going back and for over what to use. At periods I only wrote on word documents, at other times wrote on loose leaf paper, other at times in cheap notebooks, and other times in beautiful journals and notebooks that cost a lot I must admit. What I find the hardest though is rewriting from paper to the computer, I do not know why but I usually am not fond of doing it, even though I do sometimes have to.

So, the thought of that made me curious. Do other people prefer paper and pen compared to the computer? How easy do you find it to switch from one to other, or to transfer the content from one to the other? Curiosity, what can I say.

Allow me rumble for a bit now. My current writing projects are all on the computer. The outline for my novel, short stories, diaries at times, poems, I write everything on the computer. The only thing I write in notebooks are my character journals, for which I went and bought some beautiful notebooks by Paperblanks, and I made sure that the notebook represented the character. For example, one of the characters is a lord and so his notebook is purple , because purple is the royal colour in my mind along with deep red, so his journal is purple. I love it. I love the notebook so much, it makes me want to write everyday. The beautiful hardcover, the thick pages that are a pleasure to write on. I just love it, and I have not yet found another company I like as much, because moleskine, which I have used, does not have as beautiful covers, and another notebook I got, I do not remember the company did not have as thick pages, and also the pages had some designs on them, which I do not particularly love.


Anyway, what kind of notebooks do you like to use, maybe you have a fantastic brand that you like that I should try.


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