New beginnings

Hello world! So today I will try to write about new beginnings. Now, 2 years ago, today I made a new beginning, I started this blog. It was in the beginning exciting, but as time went by, I started to find it very hard to keep up with my school work and the uploading schedule. Two years later, this is the first time I made a schedule that I can actually keep up with, and I am commiting to it.

Also, this are my last few days of freedom, since on Friday I am officially going back to school, which basically means that till 3:30 every week day I will be in school. Thus, the school year starts for me, and this work filled summer is over… and I am actually excited. I do not know if it is because it is my last year of school, or because of my decision to gap a year, or because of this blog, but I feel more relaxed now than ever. Weird. Right?

Anyway, what might I say…

Well, I do have one thing to say, that for some reason September always seems to be the time for me to start new things, to do new things. Starting a blog, cutting my hair short for the first time, starting school (whether I like it or not).  That is it for today I guess. Byee!


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