My Favourite Habit

Today, the last day before school starts (and the first day of the rest of your life), I would like to write about my favourite habit. My habit goes like this, everytime I draw something I have to write a small verse to go along with it. Almost all of my poems come from exactly that, and I love it. There is something very spontaneous in the things I write in the moment I finish my drawing, and for some reason in that moment I can always think of something to write and that is magical.

Thinking about it there is always something magical about that moment that you start writing something new, it’s refreshing. So, in my most recent drawing I wrote the following small poem, it is still un-edited , but it is the writing of the moment and I love it for that.

Even if the blade never stops cutting
Even if it forever wounds your skin
Even if the marks are always there
You shall never break within.

But the wound that stay forever
The marks that are always there
The ones no blade can make
Those bring you the despair.


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