Step Up All In – Movie Review


Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Title: Step Up All In


This past weekend I went to see the new Step Up film in the movie theatre, and I must admit so far it might be my least favourite Step Up yet.  I did not like the choreography as much as usually, it was very flushy, but it was not good, solid choreography, if that makes any sense. Then again, that might just be me. Further more, the plot was interesting I must admit, but some parts have become cliches for dance movies, like the (spoiler… or maybe not) kiss at the end of the dance of the main couple. Does it seriously have to happen every single time. Also, the music it was good, but it was not amazing, other than two or three songs I did not like the music that much. But anyway, enough about the negative.

The movie was fairly good, it was still enjoyable to watch and relaxing and fun, everything a dance movie should be. Therefore, I would recommend it for anyone that wants to see a fun movie. It is enjoyable, and more importantly it is Step Up, and I love all of the Step Up movies, so nothing could keep me from watching the new one.


Maybe I should review all of the Step Up movies, what do you think??


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