Writing 101- Unlock the Mind

Do you know these first three to five minutes when you open a new word document and you think I will write, but you have no idea about what to write… and then it suddenly it clicks and you start writing about you don’t know what, but it seems to be working. I love that feeling, that sensation of it clicking. Most of the time I start writing without knowing about what I will write about. At some point though I figure it out, and I think to myself… oohh… this is where this is going. I love that feeling of figuring it out midway, to some extent it reminds me of life, you take a chance, you follow the path in which it leads and somewhere along the path you figure out that this is working out, that everything will be alright. That everything will work out in the end. Now, I think I have like 10 minutes left in this assignment, and my wall offers very little inspiration at this point. 3 quotes about love from 3 different books, “okay, always, real”, a quote in Latin “veritas” truth and lyrics from two different songs. Yet, right now, none of this gives me any inspiration. Maybe I should change the paintings on my wall. Okay, I am laughing very hard right now, I take it from my mum, changing the subject in a few seconds without even realising it. What can I say…

What more can I say, I really don’t know. School is going fine, a huge amount of work load. I am starting to get stressed out but I will work through it and I will survive.   The 20 minutes have passed and now, I will go write a book review for my blog.


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