Writing 101: A room with a view (or just a view)

Note: I do not know if this is exactly what I should have done, but that is what I felt like sharing when I read this task, and that is what I wrote. Enjoy!


It is dark. No lightning is on yet. I can feel the wood beneath my shoes, I stay still trying to not make a sound, and the lighting turns on, and I run outside and halt suddenly. Our scene begins. The stage feels all too familiar, and yet so foreign at the same time. I can see the bright white light shining from my right side right onto my face. The wall behind me is painted in a red colour. There are only a few objects on the stage. A small wooden desk and chair on the left side, a carpet on the centre, and two red couches in the middle of the stage. As I sit on the sofas I can see straight ahead the two steps that connect the upper stage to the lower stage, which is coloured black, and right in front of the stage the green steps that serve as sits for our audience. It can only fit about 200 people, and yet this theatre feels so full of life. It provides such security to me. It feels me up with all these warm emotions. How much I miss it. I wish I could go back on that stage, start the scene again, and yet that is so hard, it is an impossible task. That stage, that nurtured me, is now behind me and I can see the crowd ahead, but I am no longer acting out. I am me, just me.


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