Writing 101:Commit to a writing Practice

Important note:As part of the assignment we were not allowed to edit, or backspace while writing and edit while writing. It was hard, but fun.

This was probably the hardest task yet. Picking only three songs that have been important in my life is very very difficult. I am a huge music lover and I absolutely get affected by so many more than just one song. But an assignment is an assignment and I must follow through with this thing. So the first song I picked out was I surrender by Hillsong United. Hillsong United sing mostly religious music, so this song could be considered controversial by many but I enjoy it. I even have the chorus of this song written on my wall. Whenever I feel kind of lost, or want to relax, this is a song that I always go back to.  I do not know why, I am not that religious, actually let me rephrase that I am not religious at all but yet this song makes me feel whole. But I am faithful, and I guess that is why I love this song so much, because it takes about faith, and belief. Generally, I think that this song has probably affected me more than any other song has in this past couple of years making it one of top favourite songs of all time. special isn’t it? To have a song you can always get back to… The second song I choose is by Carrie Hope Fletcher, and it is called Running through rivers, and it is an amazing song about love and fantasy and it makes me feel like there is magic in this world. I do not know why this song is so important to me, but it is. I love it so much, I can’t even describe how much I love this song. Actually thinking about it I think what I love about this song is the fact that it feels like writing a story to me. The song is like reading a book, or writing one and that sparks my love from books and writing even further.

The third and final song I choose I discovered very recently. It is by Beth Crawley , I think it is spelled that was, and it is called warrior. This song has some of my favourite piece of lyrics. It has a part where is says “You’re my mortal flaw and I am your fatal sin”, I mean amazing isn’t it. How did she think of that. Anyway as you understand, I truly do love this song, I listen to it everyday, it is my alarm, my ringtone, it is amazing, simply amazing. Ooh, by the way did I mention it is about forbidden love. And there is just something so appealing about forbidden love … *cough cough* did I mention the song is based on the Mortal Instruments, so it basically is about Clary and Jace, my loves. Anyway, I think that is it. I am done with this assignment


Ps. I did yesterdays assignment late last night and I did not have time to post it then, but I will soon !!

Yesterday’s assignment.

Mortal instruments links.

City of bones: book and movie review

City of Ashes: book review


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