Writing 101: A Character-Building Experience

Today’s assignment is to write about someone I met in 2014 and have a character analyses for them, the problem is the interesting people I met were merely acquaintances and I could not possibly write about them that much. So, I will write about someone I technically met in 2013 to 2014 because she is my school teacher.

This particular teacher is the one that teaches me Modern Greek literature and she is passionate about. You can see that, she is not one of those teachers that just say “ I really like this or that “ , she actually rarely says something like that, but through her actions and the way she speaks about analysis you can see it. You can see that she is so in love with what she is doing, and that is the only reason I like that class, because the books we are reading for it are for the most part horrible. If we exclude the ones that are written by non-Greek authors all other books are some of the worst books I have actually read (and yet to an extent she makes me love them).

Generally, she has taught me so much about literature in the last year and I just adore her for that.

Writing 101


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