City of Glass- Book Review


Rating: 5/5 stars

Title: City of Glass

Author: Cassandra Clare

Year of Publication: 2009


Spoilers are underlined


City of Glass is the 3rd book in the Mortal Instruments series and one of my personal favourites. I loved the plot of this book. How Clary finds a way to do what she wants and does not necessarily need Jace’s, or Simon’s, or anyone else’s for that matter help. In this book we truly see that all characters have strengths and weaknesses, and no one is perfect.

Of course, one of the reasons I loved this book is because Jace and Clary can finally be together, because they are not brother and sister.

Sebastian, or Jonathan Morgenstern, also appears in this book. Since he is the main “evil” character in the book, you can understand that his appearance plays a crucial role in this book, as well as in the three books that follow.

So, definitely read this book because it is filled with action and love and amazing characters.


Personal Comment/ Thoughts: Would it be an overstatement if I said that I think the main force in this book is love? I mean, we see it with Clary and her love for Jocelyn, and Jace his love for Clary. Especially in City of Heavenly Fire I think that we see that love is the driving force quite clearly in my opinion.  Even Sebastian in his own perverted way loves Clary…  What do you think?



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