Inspired by Letter To Autumn

Dear Autumn,

I don’t know what you have been up to, or what anyone else has been up to, but I know this. This past two weeks were hard, and this week is even harder. I used to call them bad, but thinking about it now I realize how negative that was, if they are hard they are at least managable… and who knows, even enjoyable at times. I need more time. I feel like everything is going by so fast and I am just staying here, stable. Half of the day I day dream, then I procrastinate and then I get worried because I have too much work to do and how will I ever finish everything. During the day I get these flashes of clarity and I realise that maybe they are right, maybe this year will go by fast… but do I want it to. I know I want to go abroad to be free of school, but with school came so many amazing things, debate, drama club, friendships, am I ready to let it all go? Sometimes I think, maybe this is how it is supposed to be, there has to be some kind of movement in our society, in our lives. Mobility. Mobility seems to be taking over my life, it is like a race and I am desperately trying to catch on, and I will make it. I know it.



Inspired by: Letters to Autumn

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