All I know, all I should know.

Lately, I have been thinking about all the “all I know” type of blogs and this ted talk by Sarah Kay (linked above). Anyway, all this thinking got me writing, so I thought maybe I can try that. Making a list and then making a series of blog posts about things I know and things I should know by now. I am not quite sure yet how this will turn out but I will try to start something like this. The thing is, I want to incorporate more video editing and visuals in the things I make, because I used to make videos quite a lot in the past, so I do not know exactly how this will work out.

So, here is a lits of 5 things I know.

  1. My mother loves me 

  2. I have an amazing brother

  3. I like to dream big

  4. I stress out too much

  5. I love to write

Based on this list I will try to start making content, I do not know more details, but for now that is okay. What are 5 things you know that are true?


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