Thoughts on content

Hey!! It has been a while, how have you been? Well, I hope you are well. Today, I wanted to tell you a few of my thoughts. I have been thinking about what new content can I make and the thought came to me. My brother loves to read books and to play games, so I am thinking of asking him to help a bit and write some book reviews, or anime reviews, or some gaming reviews. I think it is a good idea, because I want to give you guys a place where you can find everything…books, movies or games.

What do you think? Would you enjoy something like that? I think it is worth a try, because you’ll never know if you could succeed if you never try.


Also, a little recap of content/ projects that have started or that are coming up.


Quotes of the day on tumblr

All I know series – Coming up in December

Things I should have learned by now – Coming up in January/ December

Daily Letter series (similar to letters to autumn) – Coming up in December

Book monthly wrap up Coming up next Sunday


Last question. I started a facebook page so I was thinking of what project I could create their. What would you like to see?





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