Trio No.3 – That Halloween

Daily Prompt:Trio No.3


The movers brought in all the kitchen furniture yesterday afternoon. They brought in the couches, the tables, the fridge and the oven. The house was ready. Ready to welcome the new family. They were coming from Singapore. The day before they left Singapore, the family threw a big party. Their youngest daughter, Emmy was devastated that she would lose her best friend. She was in tears day and and night, when they arrived in their new house her mood changed. She still missed her friend, but the new house had a huge garden in which she could play, and the kids in her school were very nice to her, not to mention, it was Halloween! This was the first time she would go for trick or treating and although it was a very dark night, she was overwhelmed with enthousiasm. Yes, indeed that dark night, was a night she would remember.


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