Dear Halloween

Dear Halloween,

Since it is November now, I am pretty sure most people will forget about you till next year comes again. I guess that is just how it is. I know it probably bothers you from time to time… I know it bothers me. When someone completely forgets about me for a period of time and then after a few days, weeks or months they come back and act like I am their best friend, their favourite person on earth… that is not how it works. Nevertheless, I am sure it must be nice to be one of the favourite holidays of every child. I am sure for most of us it is either Halloween or Christmas, at least when we were young those were our favourites. I guess the reason I wanted to write you this letter is to say, I appreciate you. I appreciate the joy and laughter you brought in my life, and I appreciate all the memories that have to do with you.

So, Halloween you tricked me I must admit, you were the greatest treat a feast could bring.


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