By Heart

Today is the 5th day of NaBloPoMo and I thought I would write a daily prompt. Enjoy!

We’re walking in the air
We’re floating in the moonlit sky
The people far below are sleeping as we fly
I’m holding very tight
I’m riding in the midnight blue
I’m finding I can fly so high above with you
Far across the world
The villages go by like trees
the rivers and the hills
The forest and the streams
Children gaze open mouth
Taken by surprise
Nobody down below believes their eyes
We’re surfing in the air
We’re swimming in the frozen sky
We’re drifting over icy
mountains floating by
Suddenly swooping low on an ocean deep
Arousing of a mighty monster from its sleep
We’re walking in the air
We’re floating in the midnight sky
And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly


If I was ever asked to recite a poem or a song I think the first thing to pop in to my mind would be the song Walking in the Air from the movie Snowman. While growing up I loved that movie and the music in it is just wonderful. Apart from that when I listen to this song I feel like everything that could hold me down is now gone. Something about walking in the air, and flying across the sky, across villages, towns, country borders… being free to go anywhere you want. I feel such an emotional connection with this song, I can not explain it, or maybe I can but I just don’t want to, I want to keep it in, it is something very personal to me. Nevertheless, if you want you can listen to this song, I have inserted the song as it is in the movie as well as the version by Nightwish, which is the version I usually listen to. I hope you enjoy this.



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