Dear Beth

Dear Ms. Beth Crowley,

I wasn’t planning to write something today but you wrote a new song based on The Mortal Instruments and I am so happy. When I saw it on my subscriptions I got so excited. Your song warrior means so much to me, I do not know why… but ever since I first heard it, it has been stuck in my mind. It is my ringtone, it is the song that wakes me up every morning and to this day I still cannot figure out how you wrote a song that is so amazing. More specifically “You are my mortal flaw and I’m your fatal sin”… how did you write that… I can’t believe I am making a post about this, but I just felt overwhelmed. And in your new song “come alive”  you did it again, you have parts that make me wonder how could someone write something so beautiful.

“if good and evil do exist
and we’re on different sides of it
take my hand and walk me through the fire”

How? Please teach me… On a happier note, I would like to thank you for your songs. Your 90 second songs usually make my day, and your songs based on books get stuck in my head (which I must admit is not very helpful when I am taking an exam) … So, thank you!!


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