Insurgent Teaser Trailer – Reaction

Note: I was supposed to post this yesterday, but work got the best of me. Anyway, enjoy!

The teaser for Insurgent came out a few days ago and I am sure it had us all confused… It surely had me confused. For those not familiar with the Divergent trilogy, this might not have been a teaser they have been waiting for. Personally, I have been waiting for it.

The questions is: Was I disappointed by what I saw?

To be completely honest… I do not know. The teaser was action filled (no question about that) and surely, it made me want to watch more, but it was nothing like the book. I remember Tris having dreams in the book, but I do not understand why they made that the teaser. Then again, I have to remind myself that the teaser is there to gain them audience, not to necessarily satisfy the readers. Oh well, I hope the movie is actually good, because I really liked the Divergent movie and I cannot wait for this movie to come out.


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