Social Media Tag

Twitter- your favorite shortest book.

The Little Prince, definitely.

Facebook- a book everyone pressured you into reading.

I do not read books because someone pressures me.

Tumblr- a book you read before it was cool.

I read Twilight before it was cool, but I did not actually enjoy it. I hope it counts!

Myspace- a book you don’t remember if you liked or not.

I always member if I like a book or not.

Instagram- a book so beautiful you had to instagram it.

I do not have instagram but if I did I have some beautiful editions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

And especially this one:

Youtube- a book you wish would be turned into a movie

No book should be turned into a movie… because the book is always better!

Goodreads- a book you recommend to everyone

Again, the little prince, I just love that book.


That is it for today’s book tag. Hope you enjoy!


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