Characteristic: Honesty

One of the characteristics I value the most is honesty that is why my characters (heroes) either have or lack this characteristic. Thus, clearly separating the forces of good and evil in what I write. The thing is, it has only recently, dawned on me, that in fact being honest all the time could result to hurting not only the people you love but yourself to.

So where do you draw the line?

Shakespeare said “To thine own self be true”, and I want to stand by that, I do not want to fool myself. To let my brain fool the rest of me. But in telling the truth to other people… well, there is obviously a lot more to consider. Feelings, relationships, friendships, family, religion and society. There is no question about the extent that all these –at times imposed, parts of our lives, make us think about being honest twice.

I am sure all of us learned at one point or another how to tell white lies, and although it was for good reason, to what extent does that knowledge constrain us now.

Going back to writing, how do you know how truthful to make your character, and still have him be believable at the end of the day. In the book by Albert Camus The Stranger, the main character is so naturally honest that that leads him to his own death, distraction. While, I value honesty, I do not want it to be the end of my characters. I want to make it be something positive.

Who am I falling, it is not neutral. Being honest can be both positive and negative, I guess I should start to be a bit more realistic. Maybe some cynicism, or philosophy is needed in my life, if I am to become the writer I want to be.


Thank you for reading. Which character traits do you value most and why? I am thinking of turning this into a series about character traits, what do you think?


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