Writing your self in

In the field I want to study, law, turning yourself in if you have committed in crime, will usually work in your favour. You might end up in jail, but the terms of your imprisonment will better than they would be if you were caught. My question is, if I write myself in –and I shall analyse what I mean in a few seconds, will it end up being better. I am sure that I am not the only one that makes scenarios in their mind… so, what if I put them on paper.

What if I wrote myself in a story? Will it help me see how the scenario will play out? What if the story ends up scaring me?

It is hard, in real life you do not usually get to edit and re-write, but in paper I could do that and… maybe … that will help me get through it. There is no question, writing can heal most of my wounds, but then again I am usually too scared to write about the things that have truly wounded me.


I should indeed write myself in, I need to fight through.


Yesterday’s NabloPomo: Characteristic Honesty (Character building) 


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