Dear 2014 (#10)

Dear 2014,

Is the world turning more and more insane?? I do not know why but it seems like logic seems to be lacking, intuition non existent, and radicals everywhere. I am not judging anything it just makes me wonder. If one believes in evolution – which I happen to believe in- they would wonder. What happened 2014? Why does it seem we are taking steps backwards? Is it me or does it look like we are going to re-live the 1920’s and 1930’s ? I am hoping not…


I think what makes me the most upset is my own generation. Not the adults or the elderly but the youth. We seem to be living in a completely un-palpable world, in which we only believe in ideologies. In ideologies we are too bored to read about, not interested enough to try and comprehend. Please, tell me I am wrong. I know that this cannot only be happening in Greece. Under all the hashtags I am sure similar situations exist in every single part of the world.

Funny thing, we have more power than any generation before us and we don’t use it. We have forgotten about “being the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi) … and it makes me sad.

Call me a hopeful, a hopeless romantic, an idealist and with pride I will answer yes I am, but even I do not put that in such a good use. I know it is time for a shift, but I have not quite figured out how to stimulate the change faster.

So, yes at times I might be too naive, but maybe it is for my own good. I do not want to say this is better, or that is worse… I do know people can always prove me wrong. But this is our world, decisions must be made and if I have to follow an ideology, I would rather form my own.

Ps. Dear 2014, I know you are nearing an end, but please before you go, help me figure out a way to spread this message. We have a voice, and it has to be our own…

Dear 2014 (#9)


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