Dear 2014 (#13)

Dear 2014,

It is funny how much we are influenced by history and local myths and legends, when writing. Now, with globalization our existing “content” for inspiration has increased tremendously. In the 1950’s my main inspiration could come from greek legends mostly, but now I know about folk tales from India, China, America and Germany (and so many more). It is funny how all of these find a way to influence our writing. I remember when I was trying to create a creature for my book how much I was inspired by the Sphinx, and Medussa, it really does shape my writing.


Dear 2014 (#12)


5 thoughts on “Dear 2014 (#13)

  1. There’s so many things to think about in this post. It’s interesting to think about where our “inspiration base” comes from, and how it’s shaped in the first place. For me, I wonder how different my writing would be if Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone hadn’t been the first book I fell in love with, or if I had been born a few decades earlier or later. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I have noticed that I’ve started stories the same way the book I was reading at the time started. It really is a fine line between being influenced and actually coping someone else. I think though, that is the joy of reading and writing, finding out what you can do what you can do with an idea, how you can expand it and be inspired by it.

      I can definetely see your point, the stories we love, our childhood, the era we live in… all of these find a way to creep into our stories. Thank you for commenting, I hope you are enjoying the Dear 2014 series! 🙂

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