Dear 2014 (#14)

Dear 2014,

I just realised something. Most writers have an interest – I am guilty of this too I must admit- in numbers. For example, J.K. Rowling uses the number 7, 7 books, 7 Horcruxes… Kerstin Gier (Rubinrot), uses the number 12, 12 notes, 12 gems… Lemoni Snicket, uses the number 13, 13 books, 13 chapters in each of the books. I think I’ve proved my point so far. It really is interesting to play with numbers, and you can find so many reasons to use a certain number, I use the number 5 in my novel. Why? Because it is 5 elements. So, Dear 2014, numbers play an important role… but, I am sure you know that, because once the number 4 changes you will be gone, and that will be it.






Dear 2014 (#13)


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