Dear 2014 (#16)

Dear 2014,

Do you want to know something personal about me? I am not scared of many thing, I am only a person that thinks a lot. I am not afraid…but, sometimes when I over think and over analyse situations they blur my vision. I need to stop overanalysing (especially the future… and the past). The fact remains, I organize so much that by the time I finish organizing I am too bored to carry out what I organized. You do not even know how many stories I’ve planned and never written. I think I know why that is, it is because in fact I can get bored of a story I love or I just want to keep it to myself. But, if J.K. Rowling is right and “No story lives unless somebody wants to listen” then many of my ideas might never be alive and then? What will happen then?


Dear 2014 Questions

Dear 2014 (#15)


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