Rubinrot (Ruby Red) – Movie Review


Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Title: Rubinrot

Year: 2013


A bit of background information: Basically, this movie is German and in German but you can either watch it with english subtitles or dubbed in english. Also, it is based on the Precious Stone Trilogy, or the Ruby Red Trilogy, which is written by Kersting Gier in German and translated in English by Anthea Bell.


As you can understand from my rating, I loved the movie. I mean I really think it captured the vibe of the book fairly well, and some scenes were exactly the same as the ones in the book. Even though they changed the chronological events, I actually did not mind that… In fact, I think I kind of like it in this order more. I really do believe that this movie was really good. It took all of the elements from the book and made it their own. I only have one pointer. They completely changed the ending, which makes me wonder how they fit it in the next movie. I am not saying it is impossible, but the fact is, Gideon’s and Gwendolyn’s relationship and trust is at a whole different level in the movie and I actually like that. Anyway, if you are fans of time travel, fiction, history, romance and even humour at times (in the books more so) then, you should definetely pick up this series and if you want watch the movie, because it is quite enjoyable.



What movie should I watch next?


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Saphirblau (Sapphire Blue) is coming out on March 5th with english subtitles (and maybe even dubbed), you can watch the Russian version online.


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