Dear 2014 ( #20)

Dear 2014,

How much have I changed in the past few years and yet, thousands of things about me remain the same… I was looking through some of my old written pieces and I couldn’t help but notice many similarities with the things I am now writing  . There was this part in one particular piece that drew my attention and I thought I should share it. (Keep in mind I was only 13, my parents had just gotten divorce and I did go through a fairly dark time. Nevertheless, I thought it was nice to see the development from then to now.)


Are you trying hard to keep up with every little change that is happening around you? Still, even if you do not want it, you change into someone you are not.  And one day… you look at the mirror and you do not know the person looking back.

What’s the difference between you and me? I am sure you have sat in your room at least once and thought the exact same things I thought. Did ou sit there with the lights on or off? In the world around us they have started to turn off.

Are you scared of the dark? Do you need me to hold you or can you keep up with change? Can you see me? I am right here… I am next to you… though, you do not know me and I do not know you… But, we have shared thoughts.

Stay with me, we can get through this. It will go away, someday we will look back and say we made it. 

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