Dear 2014 (#21)

Dear 2014,

I’ve missed it, you know I have. I have missed the feeling of being on stage and performing. I wish I could do it again, but I do not have the time for it… I saw a dream last night, that we were in a theatre and a girl was complaining about the fact that her role was very small and I told her that it does not matter. It does not matter if you are on stage for 2 minutes or for 10 minutes, as long as you give it your all. You could be on stage for the whole play and yet you might not have made an impression on anyone because you did not manage to be your character. You did not manage to rumple yourself enough. Being in the theatre is something that requires you to be selfless. To be selfless enough to break and rumple yourself for the sake of your character…

I remember in the dream I turned to one of my friends after that and asked him if he was going to be in the play and he said “Yes, but what you said touched me” and he had tears in his eyes.


I have missed it. I have missed the stage…


A post I wrote a few months ago about the theatre and the stage: Writing 101: A room with a view (or just a view)

Dear 2014 (#20)


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