Dear 2014 (#26)

Dear 2014,

I am behind in my reading challenge… I am hoping I can catch up (I am 6 books behind I think). Anyway, I found what I will do for the Dear 2015 series. It most probably won’t be daily, but it will be more fun… I hope. Basically, the concept will be similar, the difference is that this time it will be divided in topics instead of dates.  On to more important matters, my pc just broke (kinda), hopefully it will be fine in the morning, but currently, I am writing this on my brothers computer. So, I am sorry if this post is not as good as others but I can’t do anything about it right now.


Daily Prompt- Tight corner


Words are a powerful thing and when you are like me then you like to speak your mind. It is not usual of me to speak my mind without thinking about the consequences, but when I do, I do not think that I ever sit on the corner while waiting for it to go away… to dry. Generally, I do not avoid situations, I would rather apologize, not for my opinion but for the way it is phrased, than sit around and let the tension hang in the air. Usually, things that are dry are harder to scrape off than the liquids. So, I do not let them get dry.




Dear 2014 (#25)


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