Dear 2015 (#Challenges)

Dear 2015,

This year I want to really challenge myself. In 2014, my only challenge was to read 30 books. This year I am aiming at 50 books (because after May I won’t have school ….). Furthermore, I will try to read 10 classics and complete this 50 book challenge, which a surprisingly large number of people is doing.

Also, I will challenge myself to watch 100 movies this year, because there are some movies I have been saying I’ll watch for the longest time, and I just need to get to it.

So, you can always check my progress on the Challenge page on my blog and the book challenge on goodreads.

Leave me suggestions of books and movies I should watch!


Ps. Dear 2015 videos will be uploaded every 2nd day. So, there will be a two days gap between each letter (if that makes sense.)

Ps 2.  Currently reading the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

Ps 3. Social Media Links


Dear 2015 (#The New Letters) 


7 thoughts on “Dear 2015 (#Challenges)

  1. I too challenged myself to 30 books last year.. This year, I was less adventurous than you and went with 25! Ha, ha! Keep it up.

    1. Thank you! Truth is if I wasn’t taking a gap year (6 months of no school in 2015 yeii) I would have gone with 20, because I really struggled with keeping up with school and the reading challenge! I hope you reading challenge goes well, and if you do it through goodreds (and of course, want too) leave the link below to your challenge!! 🙂

      1. Nice! No dream is impossible. I recommend travelling for everyone, go by yourself too! It is such an amazing feeling. Don’t know if you’ve heard of it already, but I’m learning Portuguese through Duolingo. It’s an app, and it’s free! But could help ya!

      2. I’ve heard of it! I will start learning French through Duolingo, as soon as I have some time! I have heard great things about it! Has it been helpful to you? I am trying to gather as much information as I can for it!

      3. It has been truly helpful! It does give you the choice to have it remind you of your goal everyday which is also really good. If you’re like me and need reminders then it works! Ha ha. Happy Sunday!

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