Blogging Stories…

Hello world! So, here is a fun fact for you: I watch the weirdest dreams.

So, I was thinking that maybe I should start writing them down. Writing short stories or novellas (between 10k and 40k words). The series could be called something like Dream Log or Night Stories and I could write all the weird dreams I watch. The problem is that in that way, it cannot have a set schedule since I do not control the dreams I watch.

Anyway, would this be something you would like to read?


2 thoughts on “Blogging Stories…

  1. I would love to read it! My gf sometimes has movies for dreams and when she tells me about them, I’m shocked at how descriptive she is because I for one have trouble remembering dreams within 2 minutes after I wake up. But her dreams are seriously intense! I tell her that she should write them down but she doesn’t. Now that I see this, I strongly encourage you to write the dreams you watch down. I’d definitely would be a dedicated reader. I like the name dream log, but what about dream land or “A place other eyes don’t see”?

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