Dream Log 1: The machine (part 1)

A small side note: This is part of my new series were I write my dreams. Weirdly enough I write them as I remember them, without actually editing any parts of the story. In my dreams, I very often change points of view, there is a narrator and the red button usually leads to a change in the dream I am in. I know this may sound weird, but that is how my dreams are. I hope you enjoy this. Bare in mind, this is the story as I saw it in a dream and not as I would write a story for the most part. Therefore, I know the ending is a bit rushed but maybe, in the future I will sit down and imagine the whole story and write it down for all of you… Also, I do not know the ending because my awesome boyfriend woke me up. 


It is an interesting thing, how 6 small round devices can keep the world in balance. They were forged after the Ancient War between Atlantis and Ancient Greece, but there were few who knew this truth. The war had become a work of literary fiction and most people ignored its existence and importance. Those 6 metal devices, were the mere size of a pocket clock and inside of them each controlled a stone or metal, a virtue.

Gold for Diligence

Pearl for Temperance

Sapphire for Selflessness

Emerald for Honesty

Diamond for Strength

Silver for Bravery

These six powers kept the world safe, safe from what was described in the prophecies as “The Endless Fault”. For many years, the carriers of the devices had been trying to decipher the codes on the devices, to unlock the truth that they held, but all of them had failed. The code was not to be deciphered, not until the end came at least.

But our story start a long time after the forging of these great machines. In fact it starts in England, where for the first time since their forging, two of the machines are close to each other.

Helen is your typical teenage girl, both on the outside and the inside. The only thing that sets her apart from her fellow classmates is that bronze pocket watch she carries around. Honestly though, who carries a pocket watch around in the 21st century.

Ooh, gosh, wait… I forgot to introduce myself, I am going to be your narrator throughout this story, so just sit down and enjoy your ride. In case of an emergency press the red button located on your bracelet and you will be transported back to reality.

Now, where was I? Yes, I remember Helen. She is new to our school, she fits in perfectly fine with her white skin and black hair -although, her hair is a bit too curly if you ask me- still, there is something secretive about her… Her brother is much better. Well, step-brother, their parents just got married. He carries a similar pocket watch. It’s probably some kind of weird family tradition. In case you are wondering, his name is Robert.


Well, let us fast forward a bit, I mean if you want I can tell you everything about their parents marriage and how Robert and Helen fell in love, but that would not be very fun, now would it? For me it wouldn’t, so I won’t tell you how all of that happened. What you need to know is that Robert is in a band, “The Dragons of Remembrance”. Helen, like the nice little girl she is, is very supportive of him -and very jealous of him too, i may add.-

In the pub of the “Three arrows”, every friday, Robert would perform in a concert. Dreaming of fame and success, besides, as I found out later his machine had gold inside. His love for perfecting his craft was often a problem for the two young lovers. – Especially on the nights when all of his “fangirls” were there to see the show. –


Back to the story. (At this point in my dream I started seeing this from different view point, so I will change POV’s)


Helen’s point of view

“Robert, do not go on stage yet. Talk to me. This is important, I know you saw the pearl I keep glowing. Please, we need to talk about this”

He ignored me. He just walked out on stage and ignored me. You know what, if he wants to act like that then fine.

Robert’s point of view

I still don’t get what that pearl is. She can’t be one of the machine carriers. The pearl and the diamond so close to each other, could that ruin the balance of earth? Would it endanger us all?


Helen’s point of view

If he does not want to talk to me, then that is fine. I hate this music, I hate this concert… I have to stop this, I pulled the power switch and suddenly the whole town went black.


Helen’s Mother point of view

“So, it’s true.The machines really are keeping them away, keeping the world in balance.”



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