Legends of Marinthia Audiobook – Trailer Reaction

Link to the Trailer


A bit of background information: Legends of Marinthia: Prophecies Awakening is a book that I have actually done a review on. Recently, the author (Peter Koevari) send me the link to check out the trailer for the audiobook. Now, truth is when I first started reading this book and the synopsis for it, I was not so pumped to read it, but it was a short book, fantasy and it sounded like I might enjoy it (and since I was lucky enough to be sent an ebook copy by the author I had nothing to lose) .

My reaction to the audiobook trailer: Honestly, the trailer for the audiobook makes the book sound very appealing, it made me think that this is going to be a great book (not that it wasn’t a good one). If I had the choice back then I would have opted for the audiobook, simply because the trailer got me pumped for the book.

So, if you are thinking of picking this book up check out the trailer and decide whether you want to read this trilogy. (I think)


Thank you for reading my audiobook trailer review. If you listen to the trailer, tell me in the comments below what you thought.



One thought on “Legends of Marinthia Audiobook – Trailer Reaction

  1. Thanks for the article 🙂

    Interestingly, I did take the constructive feedback from many reviewers, including yourself, on the deliver of Legends of Marithia: Prophecies Awakening, and did a serious rewrite into the new 2014 edition.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the trailer, and I can tell you, you would definitely enjoy the delivery and additions in the 2014 edition of Prophecies Awakening.

    I worked hard on the character building, engagement, and even some story points where some readers felt the way the characters dealt with things was wrong.

    If you would like a 2014 edition review copy, just contact me and thy will be done.

    Peter Koevari

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