Blood Of the Fold (The Sword of Truth #3) – Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Title: The Blood of the Fold

Author: Terry Goodkind

The Sword of Truth Series









The third book in the series, brings about the start of a new villain. The Order has reached the new world and we see the struggle to win against the order start. If I am honest, I liked this book but, it was nowhere near as good as the previous two were, to me at least. This is the first book with many parallel plot lines, which is something that will continue throughout the series from now on. Therefore, the information curve from this book onward starts escalating rapidly.

Generally, from this point on, prophecy becomes so much more important, which I cannot decide if I personally like. Many new creatures appear, new characters and if I had to divide the series up in parts I would say that book 1 and 2 are a duology, 3,4,5 could be considered a trilogy to an extent (a trilogy that needs the books that follow it of course).

I liked this book, it’s epic fantasy and part of a series that I generally enjoyed a lot, so I would definitely recommend it.


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