The Wheel of Time Series – Book Review

(Written by my brother)

Rating: 4/5

Title: The Wheel of Time Series

Author: Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

So I contemplated for a while on whether or not I wanted to write book by book reviews as I went on, or a complete review of the series once I was done. The reason I decided on the second came along not only because the series is comprised of fourteen books, but also because somewhere along the line, it became very slow paced, and then picked up again in the final volumes. I do realise that that’s a common opinion on this series, but it’s sadly all too true; the middle books of the series weren’t nearly as action packed as the beginning or end of it. That isn’t to say that they were bad, just that I really could not find it in myself to write reviews on books that were mostly about the political occurrences of the depicted dying world.


Overall though, it really was a magnificent series, with amazing characters, strongly depicted in their totally flawed perfection. I mentioned the same thing in my review of the first book – I came to detest all their flaws, but I’ll be damned if I don’t admit that it made them great characters. Moreover, the world is designed in such a magnificent, masterful way that it quickly shot up my list of favourite epic fantasy works. There are two things about these books that stand out the most to me, and I do believe it will take a long while before I find books that have done these better: the magic system, which I already mentioned in my original review, which I absolutely love, and the great creation of flawed logic that is the Dark One, which made my mind twist on more than one occasion, as I tried to figure out some twisted logic by which his design would work – up to the point where I eventually accepted that he is supposed to be a paradox and to not make sense. To my mind, if a book continues to spark my imagination outside of the time I spend actually reading it, then the author has achieved something amazing, because personally, I do not regularly think of the books I read unless I am conversing with someone about them or, of course, reading them.


I want to make a note here about the ending of the book. A little research into the matter will let you know that Robert Jordan passed away before he could complete his series, although he did have some notes on what was supposed to happen. Brandon Sanderson was the author chosen by Jordan’s wife and editor to complete the series by putting together the broken puzzle of notes, adding the missing pieces out of his own imagination. And what I want to say about him is that he did the most amazing work imaginable of it, to the point where it doesn’t feel broken or wrong at any point – which absolutely blows my mind. It speaks volumes about Sanderson’s skill, that he could take someone else’s unique work and complete it in such a way that would probably even leave the original author speechless. So yes, the series has an amazing ending, and if the fact that it wasn’t penned by the original author bothers you, then just let go of that worry and read it.

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