1st Book Update

Hello everyone, so today I will talk about something I do not usually talk about, and that is the book I am writing. So, starting June 1st I will try to write everyday. So far, I am failing horribly, but that is only because I am really busy with work. However, I have completed the first chapter of my book, which I am super excited about. Hopefully, I can catch up with my writing by the end of June, although I do know I will probably start working at a new law office in the next week or so.

Anyway, how about I tell you a bit more about my book. My book is part of a duology (or that’s what I think, it might change later on). It is set in a fantasy world where elements play a huge role in a person’s life. The main character, is a female girl around 18 (maybe 20), the interesting thing about her is that she is both the source of all that can be good and all that can be bad in this world.

That’s my update for now, I will keep you updated on my book, posting a book update every two weeks. Bye!


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