If I Stay – Movie Review (Adaptation version)

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Title: If I Stay

Director:  R.J. Cutler

Writers: Shauna Cross

Author: Gayle Forman

If I Stay/ Where She Went – Duology Book Review/ Discussion

Plot: How do you explain this book? Okay, it is the story of a girl who was in a car accident with her family. Her experience in the hospital, as we see all of her life in flashbacks. If that makes any sense. (taken from my book Review  – links further down)

Characters: ( The main character in this book is of course, Mia. It is from her point of view that we get to see the whole story. Since, the story is about her life, throughout the book we see her family, her boyfriend (Adam) and her best friend (Katy) and of course her love for music. – taken from book review)

All of the characters translate amazingly well in the movie. Every single one of the actors chosen to play each role, conveyed their part of the story perfectly.

Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays the lead role is amazingly good at portraying Mia. She conveys all the emotions that Mia has throughout the book. Overall, she is a great actress. 

Overall Feeling: I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It is very well produced and it is a great adaptation. The film is very similar to the book and most of the important scenes are there. The visual effects and cinematography in this movie were great. Generally, I would recommend this movie to absolutely everyone!

If I Stay- Book Review

Where She Went – Book Review

BookTube Introduction

If I Stay – Movie Review (before reading the books)  – my review has changed since then, this is the updated version.


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