Weekly Updates #1 (Summer Edition)

Hello everyone, Weekly Updates are back. If you are new to my blog you might not know that I used to do Weekly Updates every Sunday (since the beginning of this year), but as the year went on and my exams were nearing I started doing them every second week…. And then I stopped completely.

But, I am back now and here is this weeks update.

So, this week as you may know I have been participating in three readathons ( post , youtube video). I have tried to read but because I have work this week, I haven’t quite managed to read as much as I usually do (in RYBSAT I read over 1800 pages and now I have barely read 1000 I think) but, life happens what can you do.

In other news this week I started my youtube channel (whoop, whoop), which you should check out, if you want.

Also, I have a question (maybe I should do a weekly question thing for all my updates). The question is, do you prefer shorter or longer reviews. (over or under 300 words that is)

I will talk to you next week, goodbye!!


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