Ginger and Rosa- Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Title: Ginger and Rosa

Director (s): Sally Potter

Writer (s) : Sally Potter

Some of the Cast:

Christina Hendricks

Jodhi May

Alessandro Nivola

Elle Fanning

Alice Englert

Plot: Ginger and Rosa are two friends, growing up in the 1960’s in the UK. The threat of nuclear war and the destruction of the world are of high importance to Ginger, who fears the end of the world.  Their friendship is in line, and so is the fate of the world.

Characters: The main characters in this movie are Ginger, Roland, Natalie and Rosa.  Natalie is married to Roland and they are Ginger’s parents. From their relationship we understand that Ginger is very emancipated, since Roland believes in being a free thinker, a value he has instilled in Ginger. Rosa on the other hand, is Ginger’s best friend and we do not see her family a lot in this film. All of the characters have great personalities and traits. At the same time all of them are suffering because of their passions and obsessions.

Overall Feeling: Overall, this movie is very well made. The cinematography and photography are beautiful and they really do make you feel as if the film was shot in 1960. The plot is very interesting to watch and at the same time, I consider it to be a bit disturbing. The idea of the end of the world and the connections between the character relationships and the Cold War are amazing. Although, the movie has a lot of positive aspects, I found it to be very slow and sometimes even boring. As I said, I found it a bit disturbing to watch (especially the ending) and thus, I would not rate this film any higher. However, I would definitely recommend trying to watch it.


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