Seventh Son – Movie Review

Rating: 2/5 stars

Title: Seventh Son

Director: Sergei Bodrov


Charles Leavitt (screenplay)

Steven Knight (screenplay)

Matt Greenberg  (screen story)

Joseph Delaney (novel “The Spook’s Apprentice”) (inspiration)

Some of the cast:

Jeff Bridges

Ben Barnes

Julianne Moore

Alicia Vikander

Plot: The story of a young man, who is the seventh son of a seventh son (why is this important? I have no idea…), who becomes the apprentice of “professional monster hunter Spook” (as imdb states)

Honestly, the plot was not that good. It was trying to be all sophisticated and there is a point to this, but quite frankly it did not. I did not understand why half of the stuff in the movie were portrayed to be so important. Generally, it was just bad.

Acting: Bad, bad acting. I personally did not enjoy watching any of the cast portraying their characters. The only one I felt okay with watching was Alicia Vikander, who did not have the biggest role, but it seemed like it was supposed to be an important role.

Overall: The characters don’t have a lot going for them, which does not usually make for a great fantasy film or book. Also, so many things were just left to the viewers imagination and so many things were not clearly explained. Generally, not a really good movie. It was okay to watch, but I would not recommend it.

Did you see the Seventh Son? Have a different opinion? Share it down in the comment section!

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