Purenet – Book Review

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Title: Purenet

Author: H.J. Lawson

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Plot: Purenet is sanction, which basically means its one state in an earth that was destroyed from a war. In this world there is a system ( something like a caste system I want to say), basically you can live in the Cueva (and be poor with no freedom to do what you want), or be a Grounder (did not actually understand exactly what they do) or be a Purenet. Kind of like the Hunger Games where you could be in a district or the capital, but you can’t really decide where. Anyway, honestly, this plot tries to much. The world is not very well built and many things are not explained. Actually, thinking about it this book the world is kind of like The Giver meets Hunger Games, but in a bad way.

The story does get a bit better towards the end, but then it is cut- off because the book ends (prematurely if you ask me.)

Spoiler: Also, I do not understand why he made the two main characters brother and sister, it threw off any chance of romance between them (which would have been the only positive aspect in this book, since there is not romance really)

Characters: Skylier, the main character is a bit annoying, in the sense that she tries to help but in reality she can do nothing. She is supposed to be the hero of this book, but she has no abilities, or anything like that. The rest of the characters are for the most part grey, you do not really care about them. Honestly, the best character is probably the villain, because he gave me that vibe of I don’t like you and you are a bad person.

Overall Feeling: Overall, it wasn’t horrendous, and it was fairly quick to read, but I feel like the book should have more to it. I know it is a series, it is just I feel like she cut the book too early just so she could make it a series. Maybe, that is just me. Generally, I would not recommend this book to any post-apocalyptic YA lovers, or any other book lovers.  But, if you do decide to give it a shot, I promise it gets better near the end.

*If you are interested its free (ebook) on amazon.com right now (06/21/2015)


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