A few Ideas…

(Even if you don’t read this whole post, please read the questions at the bottom and if you have any ideas leave them at the comments below)

Hello world, I hope everyone has been doing great. Today it is my mother’s birthday and yesterday it was my grandmother (who sadly passed away a few years ago). These two women have a very peculiar strength, in order to survive they had to work and make tough choices and some times, withstand brutality and oppress their own wants because of other people. I know this story seems like it is not going anywhere, but I have a point I want to make. Both of them have/had an amazing determination and strength of character to always work and discipline or structure themselves, their lives. Although, I have inherited aspects of it, I am not very disciplined and that is why my book is not getting written.

In the beginning of the summer I said I would finish this book and I have only written the first chapter. But, I figured, maybe it is because I am doing it wrong. For me, my best writing comes from the moments when I narrate something out loud and then put it on paper. Maybe, if I do that I can finish my book. If I narrate chapters of it while I walk or I am on the bus and then transcribe them, I might get through writing this book much faster.

It will be a challenge, no doubt, but I think it will help me write more of the book. There was an author who did that, narrate his books in recordings and then have his secretary transcribe them, I do not remember who. If it worked for him, why shouldn’t it work for me.

I really need advice with this. What methods do you use when writing? Do you write on paper, on a laptop, do you record yourself?

Also, most of you seem to like the poetry that I write. So, I am thinking of doing more of that. It would be cool if you guys gave me topics or words to write about. Or have me respond to something you have written or read. What do you think?

Read some of my poetry 


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