MANGA CLASSICS: Great Expectations – Book/ Manga Review

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Information on Book

I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Note: Because this is an adaptation, aspects of the book might have been altered so as to fit the new format.

Great Expectations is one of those classics that have been adapted quite a few times. Personally, I have only watched one of the movies (Great Expectations- Movie Review), so my knowledge of this story is very limited. Although I know the basic storyline and the characters I had never created in my mind any idea of what they should be like.

In my opinion the artwork in this manga was wonderful. Estelle was a beautiful woman but at the same time there was something cold to her. Miss Havisham was scary, which to an extent she should be, since she has been locked in a house, rotting because of her situation, and Pip was a simple boy turned into a gentleman. Personally, I greatly enjoyed all of the artwork in this manga and it truly captured the essence of the story in my opinion. It was easy to follow and it was not distracting or tiring, truly this was a really good aspect of this adaptation.

However, what I did not enjoy as much was the way the plot unfolded. I feel like at times, the connection between certain scenes  and events were lost. Maybe, for someone who is more familiar with the original book this will not be a problem, but for me at times the story was hard to follow.

Overall, this manga was a quick and easy read, and it is definitely a good way for someone to start familiarising themselves with the classics (the whole series is good for that). I genuinely enjoyed reading this manga, but to me it was nothing special.


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