Gwendolyn’s Sword- Book Review


Title:Gwendolyn’s Sword

Author:E.A. Haltom

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through NETGALLEY.

Plot: (Link to goodreads page) This book is historical fiction, which is not a genre I have a lot of experience with. Nevertheless the plot was very interesting. This book had politics, religion, conflict, which was honestly great. The one thing that did not work that well for me, was the pace of the book. It could have been a lot faster, I felt that at times the pace that the plot-line moved in, was so tiring and slow. Other than that, the plot was great and it was very interesting to read.

Characters: The characters in this book are vibrant. Gwendolyn is a strong independent woman, and that is what makes the book so interesting. At the same time though, every character in the book is so well woven into the story. Every interaction between the characters in this book seemed to have a purpose, and that made it really interesting to read.

Overall Feeling: Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, and if you are a fan of historic fiction I am certain you will enjoy it too. However, if you do not like slow paced books, then this is a book you should not pick up. Nevertheless, I feel like the good things in this book outweigh the bad, and the only reason the rating I am giving it is fairly low, it is because of subjective rather than objective reasons.
Thank you for reading my review. Which book should I review next lovelies?

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3 thoughts on “Gwendolyn’s Sword- Book Review

  1. Hi, Do you review Inspirational Christian Books, Amazon just launch my first book over the weekend. Faith: The Believers’ Rod. Please have mercy on me, its a baby step into book writing.

    1. I haven’t read any before, but that would never stop me from reading and reviewing one. My business email is : , I usually review books within 3 months (depending on their length of course. If you need more information you can contact me there. Thank you for commenting!

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