Testament of Youth – Movie Review


Rating:4/5 stars

Title: Testament of Youth


Plot: This movie is based on Vera Brittain’s autobiography “Testament of Youth” The movie is  historical fiction and it deals with matters such as love, war and how to make sense of life.

Characters: The main character Vera Brittain is a very strong woman. Baring in mind the fact that this movie is about the early decades of the 20th century, we see that in fact Vera is the type of woman who makes choices about her life. It is important to understand that at the time it was not common for a woman to be without a man’s guidance, therefore the fact that the lead is an independent woman truly shows how times were changing. Furthermore, Vera is a very appealing character and Alicia Vikander, does an excellent job at portraying the young writer. Other characters like Victor Richardson, Edward Brittain and Roland Leighton are mainly seen from Vera’s point of view and the relationship that she had with each of those men (friends, siblings, engaged.)

Overall: Generally, the whole movie was great. The production was very good and it really gave you the feel of the time. It was very well done and the way that they included the letters in the movie was wonderful.

If you are a fan of history based movies, then you should definitely give this movie (and maybe the book too) a try.


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