The Freedom of Writing – Writing 101

I write because it is me. As cliché as it may sound, I was one of those people who knew what they wanted to be from the age of 8. I wanted to be a writer, an author… quite frankly, 10 years have passed and I think that the reasons that I want to write remain the same.

To me, writing is total freedom. Freedom to express the darkest and the lightest of thoughts that exist in your mind. Nothing you write can be considered wrong, it could be terrifying, romantic, humorous, sad, perverted, a combination of those and it would be right.

Writing is the freedom to express potential. A blank page can hold any story and poem, words powerful enough that when spoken, burn at the tip of my tongue. To share those words is to share your freedom. It is to be free of all emotions that are burdening you, it is to express all of the light and love in you.

To write is to know which cloud from the sky you chose to focus on. Freedom of choice, freedom of consciousness.

Why do I write?

Because I love it…


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