Things I know – Day 2 Writing 101

  1. My thoughts are only a part of me
  2. I love being independent
  3. Yoga is the best thing I can do with my time
  4. Writing everyday makes me happy
  5. When I eat better, I feel better
  6. Family is important
  7. Your friends can become your family
  8. Books transfer me to a different place every time
  9. Worrying solves nothing
  10. If I want to change something I must speak up
  11. When my room is tidy, my mind is more organized
  12. Creating with my hands is always full filling
  13. Swimming will always clear my mind and relax me
  14. Standing and swimming under a waterfall will take a lot of the things I “carry” away
  15. Home is not one place, it can be many places at the same time

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